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Welcome to our Blog “Animals-Warmth

Animals do care about us. Being human, it is our responsibility to fulfill the emotional needs of animals. We will inform you about different animals’ feelings and how they react when they feel in a specific situation.

Animals-Warmth is about the feelings of animals. We all care about human emotions, but a few people think about animals’ feelings. This blog will make the life of animals worth living.

The Animals Warmth team is dedicated to making animals’ lives easier and more understandable. We are committed to providing knowledge & understanding about the emotions & feelings of all animals – either pets or not.

Meet Our Team

We have experience observing the behavior of pets or other animals. All the team members are working to understand animals’ feelings and play their responsibility to improve animal lifestyles, i.e., cats, dogs, birds, fish and horses.

Hi, I am Elsie J. Johnson, a native of Cape May town (New Jersey). I love horses. When I was 24, I bought a horse for my stable.

I became so attached to that horse that I started to keep more horses as pets. I not only take care of their physical needs but also tries to understand their emotions.

I have spent 12 years of my life observing horses’ feelings. Now, I know that horses have feelings; feelings of affection, bonding, anger, empathy, jealousy and many more.

Through this blog, I am contributing to impart awareness to people about the feelings of animals so that we will treat them with love.

Elsie J. Johnson

Frank R. Snow

Hello, I am Frank R. Snow. Aquarium fishkeeping is my hobby.

The fish bought in pet stores have a long history of traveling and handling. Fish goes through a stressful process every time a fish changes location.

Whenever fish is caught, it feels different types of feelings like fear, threat or sadness. Sometimes, in favorable conditions, it may feel happy.

Being an aquarist for the past nine years, I am in love with this tiny creature & care about their feelings. I will share about fish’s feelings with you. So, together we will make the life of our underwater friends easy.

Meet me; I am Lena Martin, a team member of Animals Warmth. I love animals.

Therefore, I have kept cats and birds for the past 11 years. Most people love to keep pets, especially cats and birds.

We, as humans, keep pets for ourselves because these animals sometimes relieve our stress and loneliness. But we never think that animals also have feelings.

We don’t care about their emotions and the way they feel any stimulus.

My purpose on Animals-Warmth is to inform the readers that animals such as cats & birds have feelings and how they react. So, we should handle them with care.

Lena Martin

Jack Gray

Hello, I am Jack Gray, who is a Dog lover. I love to keep dogs in my house as they are loyal.

My dogs show affection towards me and sometimes feel jealous when I pay attention to other pets. They sometimes react when they think.

Through these observations, I realized that dogs have feelings and emotions. They show their feelings in different ways.

As our dogs care about us, I believe we should also care about the feelings of our dogs or other animals.

Through this blog, I would love to give awareness to an animal lover. This way, we can save our animals from emotional distress and make their lives worth living.

We hope that you will find all the answers related to the queries based on the feelings of animals. If you want to know further about specific feelings in animals, then contact our expert team via the contact us form.